Project: 2020-1-HR01-KA226-HE-094685    


Proposed sub-topics for DECriS Conference are:

  • Proposed sub-topics for DECriS Conference are:
  • Digital Education (DE): approaches, strategies and organisational models
  • DE supporting equity, inclusion and internationalization of higher education (HE)
  • DE in the time of crisis: innovative practices and solutions
  • Virtual reality and game-based learning
  • Emergency online teaching: experiences and best practice
  • Emergency online teaching and mental health issues
  • Trauma-informed teaching and learning
  • Wellness and self-care strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety and burn-out of teachers and students
  • Mobile teaching
  • Pros and cons for DE in the time of crisis   
  • Teachers' and students' perception and expectations of DE
  • Users’ experience and satisfaction with hybrid and DE; best practices
  • Pedagogical approaches to the DE
  • New methodologies and digital competencies for DE
  • Innovative curricula and educational methods in DE
  • Digital testing and assessment
  • Impact of hybrid and DE on learning outcomes and higher education in general
  • Digital transformation: the role and expected impact of information institutions on higher education  
  • Open Educational resources (OERs): perception, experiences, challenges
  • (Quality) evaluation of OERs: approaches, case studies, views from different perspectives and experiences
  • Internship and apprenticeship in the time of crisis: perception, experience, challenges
  • Digital internship  


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