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Activity Identification
Activity Title
Tutorial 1
University of Barcelona
Activity Description
The tutorial will be offered by teaching staff from Faculty of Information and Media of the University of Barcelona (UB) for the teachers from partner institutions. At the syllabus of the two degrees of this school, UB offers courses on video script, production, and edition, so they have human and material resources for the video production tutorial. The focus lies on video-tutorials, primarily in the framework of information literacy tutorials, but also in the broader scope for classes including video-clip productions for any communication need. The tutorial has a twofold focus: first, on the correct conceptualization and script for videos for OERs and interactive visual interfaces at websites or app; second, on the choice of technical resources and use of procedures to produce those visual or interactive items. At the premises of the Faculty all technical requirements are available. There are a complete TV set, an audio booth for recording and editing audio, and computer classrooms with the software and hardware peripherals required to conduct the tutorial and allow a hands-on experience for all participants. Anyway, the content of the tutorial will prioritize production of OER with resources which are easy to obtain and use as a first step. It is targeted at people with little experience, and as knowledge base for more complex productions, where usually the non-expert should act mostly as a client, formulating adequate requirement specifications and conduct an informed quality control.
Starting Period
03-11-2021 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Funded duration (days)
Tutorial 1 report

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