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Multiplier Events

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Presentation and discussion about the results of IO 3 and some preliminary information about the other IOs in progress
Sveučilište u Zagrebu Sveučilišni računski centar (SRCE)
Event Description
The goal of the third ME is to present the results of DECriS project's attempt to determine critical elements in designing, adopting and using OERs which will result in a list of critical success factors (such as, for example, scope, target group, quality of the content, currency, authority, didactic approach, use of different e-learning components, use of media, ease of use, security issues, availability, etc.), and an established typological classification. This classification might provoke further discussion which could contribute to the acceptance of the modified version of the report on IO3. The accepted classification could be used in the process of the evaluation of the quality of OERs as well as for self-evaluation at different HEIs.
We intend to invite participants from Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Italy, Slovakia and Austria.
The consortium will announce the date and the event at least two months before the event over the typical dissemination channels including email distribution lists of national associations. The hosting team will prepare the programme at least one month in advance and distribute all marketing and other relevant material. After the event, there will be a report with all conclusions and recommendations. The report will be published at DECriS web site, at partners' websites and online newsletters, social networks and professional journals. It will be disseminated to media and relevant stakeholders. The online documentation will be provided. A result session will be recorded and made accessible.
Start Date
24-11-2022 (dd-mm-yyyy)
End Date
DECRIS_ME_ 24-25 November 2022_Zagreb_SRCE_final.pdf
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Multiplier Event 3 Report

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