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Multiplier Events

Event Identification
Event Title
Presentation and discussion about the critical factors for evaluation of existing OERs from the point of view of their use during the COVID-19 crisis
University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Bulgaria
Event Description
The goal of this Multiplier event is to present the results of the study which we plan to conduct to analyse the perception and attitudes of teachers/trainers and students towards digital teaching and learning in general, and their perception of OERs in particular. The focus of the study will be on the DE during COVID-19 crisis and how teachers, trainers and students reacted, what they expected and which was the level of their satisfaction with the offered DE and OERs. We expect that the invited participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro will take part in this interactive panel with their own views and comments. We also plan to prepare all relevant materials which could be distributed in their countries, including not only HEIs, but also to national policy makers.
The consortium will announce the date and the event at least two months before the event over the typical dissemination channels including email distribution lists of national associations. The hosting team will prepare the programme at least one month in advance and distribute all marketing and other relevant material. After the event, there will be a report with all conclusions and recommendations. The report will be published at DECriS web site, at partners' websites and online newsletters, social networks and professional journals. It will be disseminated to media and relevant stakeholders.
Start Date
03-05-2022 (dd-mm-yyyy)
End Date
Multiplier Event 2 Report

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